This unique travel series in the mould of Channel 4's (UK) "TRAVELS WITH MY CAMERA" about the often-tricky experiences of backpacking for a first timer around the INDOCHINA LOOP in South East Asia.

Our subject brought a Sony PD150 camera and a pair of radio mics in his back-pack, on a first backpacking experience, with the intention of taking a few shots of the holiday and returned with 40 hours of footage without the support of a researcher, director or crew.

The series presents the WARTS n' ALL experiences of a first time middle-aged rookie backpacker getting into and out of, all sorts of tricky situations and meeting other eccentric kindred spirits who have also taken to the road in search of the unattainable.

The series will be more akin to a DERVILLA KIRWIN travelogue book than a FACTS and FIGURES type travel series or an UNCOVERED travel treatment. It is filmed, researched and presented by the traveller himself in all nature of situations, which adds to the drama of the story.

It is aimed at thirty-somethings (like our protagonist) who fantasise about taking some time out to go on the road, to experience a different world and to find out if they are, who they think they once were!

Short taster promo video available now. Project currently seeking completion funds.