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This unique travel series in the mould of Channel 4's (UK) "TRAVELS WITH MY CAMERA" about the often-tricky experiences of backpacking for a first timer around the INDOCHINA LOOP in South East Asia.

It is aimed at thirty-somethings (like our protagonist) who fantasise about taking some time out to go on the road, to experience a different world and to find out if they still are, who they think they once were!

Our subject brought a Sony PD150 camera and a pair of radio mics in his back-pack, on a first backpacking experience, with the intention of taking a few shots of the holiday and returned with 40 hours of footage without the support of a researcher, director or crew.

Supported by the Irish Film Board.

"TRAVELLERS - the True Bards of Ireland" is a feature documentary which focuses on the unrecognised contribution of Irish Travellers or "Gypsies" to Irish traditional music heritage. Supported by Media, Irish Film Board and TG4(Irl) and TV Breizh(Fr).
"Paddy Moriyasu" is the story of a gifted Japanese musician, writer and academic and his Japanese music students who have learned to play Irish folk music, through mixing in the often closed music circles in rural west-of-Ireland. Supported by RTE and Irish Film Board.
"Access-All-Areas" - This hour-long documentary, provides access for an international television audience to characters and unknown lifestyle at an Irish music festival in rural West of Ireland.
"From Clare To Here" Martin Hayes is a traditional Irish fiddle player from Clare in Ireland and Dennis Cahill a jazz guitarist from Chicago, USA. The duo brings authentic Irish folk music from Martin's home in east Clare, to appreciative audiences worldwide.The documentary traces the music from the west coast of the USA, back home to rural Ireland. Screened in Ireland, UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

"DUBLIN CITY LIFE (working title)" is a six-part docusoap in the mould of the successful "SOHO NIGHTS" and "PADDINGTON GREEN", applied to Dublin's City Centre. Areas like Temple Bar in Dublin's new stylish city centre, were fashioned in the last 20 years or so with award winning architecture, pedestrianised cobbled streets and many attractive public spaces. The city's popularity has grown in recent years, as a popular European city destination. Dublin has attained international recognition for designer shops and exciting restaurant, pub & nightlife attracting local and international party revellers for good Irish craic. We meet many colourful characters who live, work and party in the heart of the livliest capital city in Europe and watch their interesting lives unfold over six half-hour episodes. The series will be co-produced by Gallowglass Pictures (Irl), RDF (UK) with CHANNEL 5 (UK) and TV3 (Irl) co-funding development.

"Ex-Pats in Tokyo" is a six part docusoap about Irish people living in a very different place to home. We follow Irish ex-pats as they go about their business on the streets and in the bars of Tokyo, in the process finding out what makes a person exile themselves so far from home.

"Teo Macero" - This film explores the life and work of producer Teo Macero, focusing on his relationship with jazz legend Miles Davis. Through TEO we chronicle the development of modern jazz and the origins of contemporary electronic music. Supported by Media Plus Development.
"TRIBUTES" - the story of the quirky characters in the Tribute Band scene in Ireland.

"Grandpa - Speak to me in Russian"- is director Louis Lentin's search for his Jewish roots in Lithuania, piecing together the experience of his Grandfather as a Jewish immigrant coming to Ireland in the Late 19th century. Supported by RTE(Irl), Irish Film Board, NIK Media (NL), LTV(Lit) and Media Plus Distribution.

"STRATFORD STRATEGY" 1 X 26 Mins - Dutch Television has part-funded this production, which focuses on Stratford College's unique Irish - Jewish & Multi-denominational ethos. The film also captures the varied experiences of school life for Dublin teenagers in transition year. Stratford College recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

"Just Resting" is a forty minute documentary, examining the arrival and departure of Jews to Ireland, with emphasis on explaining the steady decline in their numbers over the years with particular focus on Dublin's own "Little Jerusalem". Also directed by Louis Lentin.

"Attraction" - An abstract erotic exploration of the female perspective on the obsession with the female form, femininity or Goddess worship in western society.
"Swingers" - is the story of extra curricular activity for an increasing number of Irish couples.


"Wolves" - a fascinating story about childhood friendship, is an ambitious project in early development. The main storyline focuses on the attempts of two young boys to save a beautiful forest from destruction, by building development. The dramatic elements of the story and its carefully crafted atmosphere make it an ideal candidate for an animated feature. Gallowglass is currently working with the author Brian Gannon to develop the script, and is seeking funding for further development.

"The Second Coming" - the tongue-in-cheek story chronicling the rise to international cult celebrity of an Irish spiritual guru and TV Evangelical preacher. The film is also concerned wtih the cynics, dreamers, spin-doctors and the Media who try to shape and exploit his great gift to their own ends.

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