Netherlands's Television has part-funded this production, which focuses on Stratford College's unique Irish - Jewish & Multi-denominational ethos. The film also captures the varied experiences of school life for Dublin teenagers in transition year. Stratford College recently celebrated its 50 anniversary.

The ratio of Jews at Stratford has declined since the 1950s mirroring the decline of the Jewish community in Ireland. There are 5 Jewish students in Stratford's 4th / Transition year class. The piece will explore what it is like to be a young Jewish person living in Ireland. We will also hear attitudes of teenagers to wider issues facing Jewish people in Ireland and around the world.

What opportunities are available to Jewish school leavers and is the community dwindling because its young people are choosing to go abroad in search of work? What is it like to be a minority group in a largely Catholic Ireland? What do Jewish young people consider to be the future of the Jewish community in Ireland?

The documentary will focus on transition year students at the school to illuminate what life is like there. We will explore how Jewish and non-Jewish teenagers can practice their individual beliefs at the school in a largely monolithic Irish society. We will observe the relationships of students both inside and outside the school through a variety of activities.

The film will have a natural reportage style (VERITÉ), which should also appeal to teenage viewers. We will try to capture a sense of teenage playfulness and humour, contrasted against academic achievement. Students will talk about life at the school while going about daily activity. Students also interact and interview each other about life at the school and their views about each other. We will also give the viewer a sense of Dublin city and county as a backdrop to our story.

Short taster promo video available now. Project currently seeking completion funds.