Notes to a stepped outline "The Second Coming" - the tongue-in-cheek story of the rise to international cult celebrity of an Irish spiritual guru and TV Evangelical preacher. The film is equally about the cynics, dreamers, spin-doctors and the Media who try to shape and exploit his great gift to their own ends.

Brian Cregg (Aidan Quinn type) is a happy, easy going sort. Not too ambituous and fairly mediocre in everything he does really. Until one day he discovers that he has a very rare gift and suddenly everybody wants a piece of him;- he believes as does everybody else that he is the new Messiagh and boy is the Media going to get milage out of it!

Brian becomes a spiritual guru and TV Evangelical preacher who becomes famous on television in his home in Ireland before reaching cult celebrity status on the international stage. He is relativly unaffected by the worlds attention but those around him and his new found friends attempt to exploit his great gift for their own ends.

The story chronicles his experiences from working as a Libriarian to becoming an international media figure. We follow Brians fortunes through this period of change, see how people misunderstand, manipulate, exploit and try to manufacture the next Jesus Christ for a media age.

This film is certainly a tongue-in-cheek morality tale which will explore the world of the dreamers, cynics and spin doctors who try to make him famous for their benefit.

The story has similar access to many social and intellectual levels and should appeal to people from all social and geographic territories. The film will have similar appeal to movies like "Groundhog Day" or "The Fisher King" with notable parallels in the real world like Hearsay or David Ike. The film will deal with the themes of truth and honesty in a media dominated age.