"TRAVELLERS - The True Bards of Ireland"

"TRAVELLERS - The True Bards of Ireland" chronicles the unrecognised contribution of the Traveller or "Gypsy" community to traditional music heritage. Also known as "Tinkers", these Irish nomads travelled to every village and town in Ireland repairing tin ware. Less known, is their role as instrument makers and musicians.

T he documentary is concerned primarily with identifying legendary traveller musical families from the past and connecting this musical heritage into the living Irish music tradition. This film is a colourful evocation of an ancient organic way of life of a minority group faced with an uncertain future, against a backdrop of a modern, confident and progressive Irish society. It is a snapshot of Traveller culture now in Ireland and around the world.

We will hear evocative and atmospheric music performances in a variety of colourful settings in Ireland, USA, UK and France. The music performance will remain largely in it's own informal context. Our four main contributors will also come together for a celebratory multi-camera concert in the National Concert Hall, Dublin. This concert sound recording will be mixed to produce a music CD soundtrack to accompany the film release. In TRAVELLERS - The True Bards of Ireland, we will illustrate the wealth and depth of Traveller culture as part of mainstream Irish musical culture.