Swinging (according to the NASCA) is a form of recreational social sex between consenting adults, most commonly consisting male/female relationships, meeting other male/female couples for sex and/or intimate friendships.

In Ireland there is an increasing number of Swinging events around the country. Several publications advertise Swinging contact points and regular organised events. From our initial research, we have already identified one rural Irish village where Swinging became the order of the day in the 1970's; bars and clubs in Dublin where people go to meet other swingers and magazines and contact points through which Irish couples meet other Irish couples.

This documentary will expose an aspect of Irish society which is hidden from view. It is not intended as a superficial, user-friendly, voyeuristic television documentary on a seemingly bizarre lifestyle. SWINGERS will not pull any punches when taking on this controversial subject.

SWINGERS is an uncompromising creative treatment of a subject which delves into the moral and political issues facing real subjects. This film is also an opportunity to explore the issues around the recent liberalism of Irish Society which has largely passed unchronicled, through the real lives of our carefully selected couples.