MARTIN HAYES is a traditional Irish fiddle player from Clare in Ireland and DENNIS CAHILL a jazz guitarist from Chicago, USA. The duo brings authentic Irish folk music from Martin's home in east Clare, to appreciative audiences worldwide. Martin is described as 'the Yehudi Menuhin of the Irish fiddle'. His collaboration with Dennis has textured his unique local brand of Irish music with a more contemporary jazz feel.

The documentary traces the music from the west coast of the USA, back home to rural Ireland. We see mesmerised audiences in concert halls and small pub sessions in the west of Ireland. The film captures the elusive beauty of traditional fiddle-playing and its deep importance to those who follow it. It features interviews with internationally acclaimed artists, such as Paddy Maloney of The Chieftains and Jean Butler of Riverdance.

The documentary is both a personal portrait and a snapshot of a musical heritage in a time of change, exploring the struggle to stay in touch with cultural roots in the face of a new global consumer culture.