"Attraction" - An abstract erotic exploration of the female perspective on the obsession with the female form, femininity or "worshipping the Goddess" as practiced by western society.

We are obsessed with female sexuality and female physical form. We are pulverised with images of the "Goddess" currently and from the past. The obsession is seldom acknowledged or discussed by men or women. Yet, so many aspects of contemporary life are influenced by this view of womankind. Many people may be interested to explore how women themselves view, handle, use, avoid, celebrate, challenge or enjoy the power of their attraction.

It is difficult to understand how women view this constant attention or perhaps the feeling of being observed. What tactics are employed to avoid or to channel this energy to suit an individuals purpose? How do women themselves feel about sometimes being objectified? In what way do dress codes affect attitudes of the observer? Do women dress-up for men or for other women? How do women feel about being regarded as Sex Objects or sometimes not as the case may be?

This film is an abstract treatment of the subject. The treatment is as unattainable or elusive as the subject matter. Far from a clinical social exploration, the film will explore this subject through Poetry, voice-over, soundbytes, scored to an original soundtrack with many classical and contemporary images of the female form. It is a creative dreamlike treatment with slow-motion esoteric and sensual images over a meandering poetic soundtrack.