Paddy Moriyasu is the story of a gifted Japanese musician who has learned to play Irish folk music through mixing in the often closed music circles in rural West-of Ireland.

Through Isao's unique dual life teaching music in Tokyo University and spending five months of the year in the most westerly corner of Europe, this documentary explores the surprising cultural links between both countries.

Through the personal story of a fine musician, academic and charismatic individual, the documentary accounts for the strong interest in Celtic music in Japan, which has become a more consumerist society since World War II. The film is also a very different outsider's perspective on the insular world of Irish music.

The film will chronicle several months in the lives of Isao and Masako Moriyasu, better known in Ireland by their adopted names, Paddy and Bridget, as they move between two very different worlds of the West-of Ireland and Tokyo, Japan.

In many ways, PADDY MORYIASU is an opportunity to explore the world of Irish music now from a fresh perspective and to see how the music is appreciated in a distinctly different milieu.